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  • News Release. Sharing the Road

    Madison, WI.  April 30, 2018 – With spring weather finally here, people are eager to get out and enjoy it!  The Dane County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind bicyclists and motorists to share the road. 

    A few reminders to keep everyone safe:

    • Obey traffic signals – both bikers and motorists need to adhere to traffic signals.
    • Bicyclists should ride on the right, in the same direction as other traffic, and as far right as safe and reasonable.
    • Riding 2-abreast is permitted on the road, as long as other traffic is not impeded. 
    • Always signal your intentions, as good communication can prevent vehicle/bicycle crashes.
    • When stopping on township roads, park off the roadway or on the same side of the road, as to not cause a traffic hazard.

    Dane County is well-known for the biking events that occur nearly every weekend from spring to fall.  For organized rides that travel throughout the county, check township policies and notify them in advance of the ride.  In both rural and urban settings, for everyone’s safety, cyclists and motorists need to follow the rules of the road.