Town of Berry Frequently Asked Questions


What's with the electronic newsletters and why is the Calendar so hard to read?


Newsletters and other PDF files

Portable Document Format (PDF) is the global standard for capturing and reviewing rich information from almost any application on any computer system and sharing it with virtually anyone, anywhere. It shows the style and format desired by the creator of the document rather then converting it to available type faces and styles available on the viewer’s computer.

     Until recently, PDF documents needed to be downloaded and viewed from each viewer’s computer. With recent browsers and newer versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader and helper applications viewers can now see a file online and decide if and where to download it. However, large PDF files will take longer to appear especially if using dial-up access where broadband service is not available.



How come the Calendar events don't wrap so I can see them? That's the way it is. We use Google Mail to update the calendar and if you want see the events click on them or view it in "Weekly" or "Agenda" view which allows a larger view. You may even be able to link the Town Calendar to your personal calander automatically by going to Google Calendar Help. (


When are burning permits required?

It is safest to burn when the humidity and wind speeds are down, and when the ground is snow covered. Hours when burning is allowed is from 6:00 p.m. to midnight. If your brush pile has the potential to produce a large quantity of smoke, it's best to let your Sheriff Department and Fire Department know. This cuts down on unnecessary fire department and DNR fire response calls.

Sheriff Department West Precinct: 608-267-4936
Black Earth Fire District Non-Emergency: 608-767-3949
Cross Plains-Berry Fire District Non-Emergency: 608-798-3241

     From January 1st - May 31st burning permits are required if the ground is not snow covered for all outside burning. Burn barrel permits are a separate permit and are renewed annually. All burning permits are free and are available from the town office, 9046 State Road 19, 608-767-4152. New in 2011 burning permits may be acquired by dialing 1-888-947-2876 from 7 am to 10 pm daily and a customer service representative will issue a no cost DNR burn permit over the phone. The written permit will then be mailed to your doorstep or instantly emailed.

     Please remember to have fire fighting tools available when burning. Shovels, rakes and water are a good idea. Don't burn if the winds are stronger than 8 miles an hour, and watch the weather for wind switches. Keep the size of your pile small if possible. If the piles is too large, consider making a separate fire and adding material a little at a time. Fires can holdover in stumps and roots and can be rekindled weeks or even months later. Please make sure your fire is competely out before leaving it. Never leave your fire unattended. Remember, you are responsible for the

     If you have any questions regarding burning, location of Emergency Fire Wardens, or permit information call the DNR Fire Control office in Poynette at 608-635-8121. Or call 1-888-WIS BURN (947-2876) or visit for daily burning restrictions

When do I need a building permit?

The construction which shall require a building permit includes, but is not limited to:
1. *New buildings including detached structures (decks) and accessory buildings over 32 square feet in floor area
2. *Additions that increase the physical dimensions of a building including decks
3.  Alterations to the building structure
4.  Alteration of plumbing, HVAC or electrical systems
5. *Agricultural buildings.
*Needs a Dane County Zoning Permit 608-266-9083

The following construction activities shall not require a building permit:
1.  Re-siding, re-roofing and finishing of interior surfaces, replacement of windows, installation of cabinetry and minor repairs. Nothwithstanding this section, however a permit accompanied by structural load-bearing calculations shall be required for re-roofing a building if the proposed re-roofing would constitute a third or more layer of roofing.
2.  Normal repairs and replacements of HVAC, plumbing and electrical equipment or systems such as replacing switches, receptacles, light fixtures, dimmers, furnace, air conditioning, garbage disposal, water heater and water softener.
3.  Construction of accessory buildings of less than 32 square feet in floor area and not served by any utility (excluding telephones).

The Town contracts with Independent Inspections to provide these services to its residents. The Independent Inspections representative who has been working with our town for many years is Dean Eppler. Before you excavate or start remodeling, contact Dean. Dean can be reached at 608-576-6370 or 1-800-422-5220.

Town of Berry's Building Code Ordinance & Guidelines

How do I obtain an absentee ballot?

There are two ways of obtaining an absentee ballot. You can either request an application form from the town clerk or download one from the website. Or you can send a letter to the town clerk which must include the following information, date of the election, name and legal voting address, address to send the ballot to if different from the legal voting address, and signature. Application forms are to be sent to the following address, Town of Berry, 9046 State Road 19, Mazomanie, WI 53560.

When will I receive my property tax bill?

Tax bills are sent out to all property owners in December. Please notify the Town Treasurer of address changes at 608-767-4152 or email the Town at

How do I obtain a dog license?

You can request a dog license application by calling the Town Treasurer at 608-767-4152 or email the town at When making a request please include your name and address. Dog license fees are $12.50 for spayed and neutered dogs, $17.50 for dogs that are not spayed or neutered, and $42 for a multiple license.

When is garbage picked up? Calendar

Garbage is picked up weekly on Mondays, recyclables every other week. Check your newsletter for holiday schedule pick-up.

Clean sweep/ hazardous materials disposal

Dispose of unwanted or damaged paints, varnishes, finish removers, kerosene, driveway sealant and other chemicals and solvents at Clean Sweep and Product Exchange, which is held at Dane Co. Highway Garage 2302 Fish Hatchery Rd., Madison. For info. (dates, times, etc.) there are brochures at the Berry Town Hall, or call theINFO-LINE at 608-294-5366, or visit Dane County's recycling website:for recycling info