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April, 2015

Thank You

I am relieved and pleased that the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin has chosen the route through Springfield over the route through the Town of Berry for the proposed humongous High Voltage Transmission line known as Badger Coulee. Thank you to Town of Berry Chair, Tony Varda, to Hugh Anderson, to Berry Supervisors Don Witmer Kean, Joe Kruchten, Jeff Davis, and Mike Statz, and to all of the Berry citizens and others who contributed to the role that we in Berry played to make this happen!

Thank you. By working together, we have successfully reached the half way point in the process of keeping these humongous high voltage transmission lines out of our Town.

The next step is to keep 175 foot high towers from marching down highway 14 through Berry, past Festge Park, Salmo Pond, Black Earth Creek and its lovely valley, Ice Age Trail, Good Neighbor Trail, and so on as American Transmission Company identifies possible routes for the next segment they call Cardinal - Hickory Creek. It would go from the Cardinal Substation (on Highway 14 west of Middleton) across Wisconsin to Hickory Creek, Iowa, near Dubuque.

The Town Board and the citizens of Berry need to rise to the challenge once again, working to keep this proposed gross invasion out of Berry. With Badger Coulee, NIMBY allowed Berry to win while our Springfield neighbors lost. Berry needs to work WITH other towns, villages and counties to achieve a clear, thorough analysis of whether this project is needed AT ALL for the welfare of the citizens of Wisconsin (Berry among them). Let’s work with our neighbors to make us all winners.

Once again, thanks to everyone who spoke up, or otherwise contributed.

Karen Upper